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This is one of the fundamental criteria of our work. The level of requirements of our customers ask us to be rigorous and attentive to changes. We use any feedback to drive continuous improvement of our processes and products.



CapIndustries group pays special attention to the concept of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR).
We are committed for several years to reduce our ecological footprint and to improve the safety of our employees at work. 

ressourceshumaines    HUMAN RESSOURCES

The group's performance is closely linked to the skills of each employee. The process of competency management we engaged allows us to continuously improve the knowledge held and develops the human capital of the company.




Lean Management aims to eliminate non-value added process and the main forms of waste, which reduce the efficiency and performance of a company. We focus on problem solving for operational excellence.

Our seven sources of waste :

- Overproduction

- Expectations

- Scrap-edits and corrections

- The ranges and poorly adapted business processes

- Transport and underrun

- Unnecessary movements

- Inventories

Lean Management implies acceptance of all employees every day and in all tasks.

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